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Plan of studies

Students oriented to ESSEC continue their studies during the first cycle in the setting of common trunk with, the level of the second year, three specific module groups according to the needed option:
Economics, Management or Chartred Accountant.
At the end of the first cycle, students can choose between six skills developing the expertises that clear on careers related to "commerce" or "management".
Students oriented to ESSEC can also continue from the first year of the first cycle of studies leading to a bachelor of data processing applied to Management.

The essec counts seven bachelors therefore:
International trade

Economics (with two options):
Industrial economy/Technical organization
Financial and banking economy

Science of Management (with an option):
Sciences Accountants
Data processing applied to Management

Orientation toward one or another subject makes itself on the basis of a score defined by the sum pondered of the general average and a bonus.
Students of the ESSEC can choose to continue after taking their bachelor higher school diploma to continue for Master (third cycle) "European Institutions and markets".
This new Master is taught in collaboration with Universities of Paris XI, (Jean Monnet), of Tours and Orleans.