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Condition of passage
Be able to pass one year of study to another, the student must have:
Either a general average equal or superior to 10/20.
Either the average in at least 3/4 of the modules.

The student can benefit thus from a credit in one, two or three modules that he will be called to catch up during the second year, this system of credit applies only in the setting of a same cycle.

All students who didn't get 10/20 in the main session have access for the session of control, and take the modules in which they don't have the average.

Of the two gotten marks, one keeps the superior note and when a student chooses not to take an invalidated module, he keeps the marks of the main session.

The main session consists of the exams of the end of the first and second semesters. The session of control regroups the modules delivered during the two semesters.